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Home is flooded?

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Home is flooded?

Post by EliseLanciault on Wed 12 Jan 2011, 6:07 pm


I do not know if it is appropriate as a topic. But I'd like to say I just saw shocking images about the floods that are happenning in Brisbane, Australia. As we know, this is Kate and Damon's homeplace and I want people to observe a one minute silence for all people without any home because right now, this seems ugly, but it's not even the end, the worst is about to come.

There are horrible things happenning everywhere, but as I saw those horses stuck in the water and trying to find firm land and also families standing on their's house's roofs to survive.

I would like someday to help, because this is a tragedy and I think we know that everywhere in the world, there is people suffering, families and friends of people.

Right now, An Horse's band families and friends may have been troubled by this.

Don't know what we can do, but for today, I think every An Horse's fan should at least observe a one minute silence for Brisbanians and Australians as well, because Brisbane is not the only place that got flooded Sad

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Re: Home is flooded?

Post by Tim on Wed 12 Jan 2011, 7:04 pm

Agreed and done.

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Re: Home is flooded?

Post by horizonshavenolimit on Thu 13 Jan 2011, 1:22 am

Thank You so much for posting this I wasn't sure if others had the same concern thank you! I have issued a forum wide announcement because of your post.
horizonshavenolimit wrote:I wasn't sure where else to post this other
than suggestions. While it is a suggestion, it is more of a request.

has brought it to my attention that you all are just as concerned about
the Queensland floods. I was thinking that as a forum we could
donate some money. I am NOT asking for your personal information or even
that you give me the money to donate but was more thinking that we
could all donate $10 in the name of An Horse Fan Forum. We have 130
members if we all donate that is $1300. I understand that money is very
tight for some so even if you can't give $10 maybe $1 any amount helps.

You don't have to let anyone know if you have or haven't if you don't want to, I am not keeping track of who donated what.

This is the Queensland Gov't online donation form.

name then AN HORSE FAN FORUM in the organization box. Also you will be
given an option to receive your receipt via email or snail mail. If you
have any questions feel free to ask.


"yesterday is gone tomorrow may not come later is a mystery but right now is worth fighting for"

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Re: Home is flooded?

Post by Sponsored content

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