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DIY- Articles

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DIY- Articles

Post by horizonshavenolimit on Tue 04 Jan 2011, 5:01 am

Link-DIY Article

First & Last: An Horse
Kate Cooper tells us about some of her Firsts and Lasts.
Posted 22nd November 2010, 1:41pm in Interviews, An Horse

We have a chat with Kate Cooper, one half of Australian indie-pop duo An Horse, to celebrate the band's forthcoming return to the UK for a one-off live show.

She tells us about a few of her Firsts and Lasts, including the band she had with her sister, learning to play the organ, and finishing her new record (hooray).

Things you've done today?
First: Made coffee.
Last: Skyped with my best friend in Australia.

Instrument you learnt to play?
First: Trumpet and organ
Last: Guitar

Time you played music live?
First: Probably some kind of organ recital. ORGAN??? I can't believe my parents thought that was better than piano. I guess it was the 80's.
Last: An Horse show in Singapore.

Time you played music live outside of Australia?
First: 2005 in Toronto in an old band.
Last: An Horse show in Singapore.

Song you wrote by yourself?
First: Wow. I don't know about the first song I wrote. Can't remember... probably with good reason.
Last: A song yesterday. I haven't called it anything yet.

Time spent in the recording studio?
First: Probably some time when I was 19 or 20 living in Brisbane. I think it was with a producer and friend called Jeff Lovejoy.
Last: July in Vancouver at the Armoury with Damon and the amazing Howard Redekopp.

Record that inspired you?
First: Michael Jackson, Thriller.
Last: Best Coast, Crazy for You.

Musician you met?
First: My organ or trumpet teacher. I can't remember which instrument I started first.
Last: Scott Middleton from the Cancer Bats.

Gig you went to?
First: The Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge Tour.
Last: Silversun Pickups in Melbourne.

Favourite band / act?
First: Michael Jackson.
Last: I think it's going to be Wild Flag.

Musical collaboration?
First: I played "noise" with my sister in a "band" called Elvira's Probe. I think I was 15.
Last: An Horse.

Band you were a member of?
First: Elvira's Probe.
Last: An Horse

Format you bought music in?
First: Vinyl.
Last: Vinyl.

Music magazine you regularly bought?
First: Rolling Stone.
Last: I haven't bought a music magazine in years. Probably the Believer music issue.

And what'll you be doing next?
As in right now? I am going to steam some broccoli and have a broc party for lunch. As in An Horse? I am meeting Damon in NYC in 10 days. We are going to do some fun stuff and put the finishing touches on our new record! Then we are coming to play a show in London!

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An Horse Name New Album, Release Date

Post by horizonshavenolimit on Fri 21 Jan 2011, 2:27 am

DIY Article

An Horse Name New Album, Release Date
'Walls' is due out in Spring.
Posted 20th January 2011, 11:51am in News, An Horse | By DIY News Desk

An Horse have just revealed they've finished their new album, and it's due out in a few months time.

"IT'S DONE!," the duo have posted on MySpace. "We are happy to announce that the new An Horse album is called 'Walls'. The record is going to be out late April on mom+pop."

As that's so far away, they're giving away a song from the record - 'Trains & Tracks'. Sign up to their mailing list to get it.

"Obviously when the record comes out we will hit the road / frog and toad," they add. "Again, we don't want to give to much away but we can tell you for sure we will playing at the 2011 Bamboozle Festival in East Rutherford, NJ in April. So is Lil' Wayne and Motley Crue!"

"yesterday is gone tomorrow may not come later is a mystery but right now is worth fighting for"

Posts : 327
Join date : 2009-03-29
Age : 28
Location : California, the desert part bleh

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